Friday, June 17, 2011

Countdown: Book Two Review

The countdown to our second book club discussion: one week. We are all so excited! Mainly because we all just want to see one another. Book Shmook.

But, really, I know we all enjoyed this quick read.

Amy insisted on flying by the seat of our pants for this girls' weekend. But come on! "We need an itinerary!" we exclaimed. Ha. Okay, we don't need one, but we want one.

Shhh. I'm going to do one over here on the blog, rather than in the email.

Friday June 24:
5:00 pm: Meet at Stace's / Leave for Pittsburgh
7:00 pm: Arrive at Kt's in Pittsburgh
7:30 pm: Dinner and Drinks to celebrate Nikkie's 27th Birthday! Maybe some book club discussion


Saturday June 25:
9:00 am: Breakfast and mimosas
10:00 am: Watch Water for Elephants
12:00 pm: Discuss Movie and Book
1:00 pm: Go to IKEA
4:00 pm: Late Lunch/Early Dinner
6:00 pm: Depart Pittsburgh
8:00 pm: Arrive at Stace's


  1. yay! i'm with you! can't live without an itinerary! but i won't tell mase ;-) . . . also. love that we are going to be spending 3 hours at ikea. can't wait!!