Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lend a Helping Trunk

After Joplin, Mo. was devastated by twisters, clean-up crews needed all the help they could get picking up the pieces of the destroyed town.

And not just human help either.

This elephant is part of the Picadilly Circus, which had rolled its bigtop into Joplin for a performance when the storms struck. Since the venue where the circus was instead converted into a makeshift hospital, the circus was canceled. But instead of skipping town, the circus stayed to help, including their floppy-eared, wrinkly friends.

Harnessing their elephant, the circus staff put it to work dragging cars and debris from the city's streets. One circus employee said "We thought it's either take the day off or give a hand to the people who really need it."

The unlikely sight brought some cheer to the community still coming to terms with the disaster.

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  1. does the elephant really enjoy carrying all that stuff though?