Friday, February 17, 2012

Girl Series

For the most part we finished the Millennium Series.

Well, Staci didn't attempt.

I am stalled out with 100 pages to go.

But we are "done" reading the series.

We wrapped up so we could watch the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on opening weekend (back in December - oops, no one's been blogging recently). We went to a matinee movie, then out to lunch to discuss the final two books and the movie.

The movie was good. It was really fast paced. I think if we hadn't read the book, we would have been confused with how quickly the plot was moving forward.

The screen play did cut out the first 200 pages about boring Swedish government, banking, taxes, etc. But it was still 2+ hours long.

It also cut out a character, that threw people who read the book for a loop. So that was kind of fun! A nice curveball surprise.

So at the end... how did our bookclub rate the movie?

"Lot's of nipples."
"Daniel Craig has a nice butt."
"Rape scene was worse than the foreign film's version."
"If Rooney Mara is football royalty, doesn't that mean she has a lot of money? Why would she let her nipples appear so close-up on the silver screen?" "How does her family feel?"


  1. Ha. Yes. Those are definitely the end reviews of the movie. All in all I loved the series!

  2. lol! this is great! and i just want to say that i did attempt! i read the first book and 20 pages of the 2nd. i was over it.