Monday, February 20, 2012


While waiting for everyone to show up for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie in December, the few early birds and on-time birds, discussed the next book.

And since we were at the movie theatre, there were lots of upcoming film posters plastered around, including The Hunger Games.

So that's our next one.

Technically, Kt has already read it (actually she has read the entire series). She blew off reading/finishing the Millennium Series to read these books instead. For shame!

I'm not buying the books. Trying to swap them with some of the other book club members, read the e-book versions on my iPhone, and take advantage of a strange building with books inside where they lend books to people; it's called a library.

The movie, The Hunger Games, comes out March 23. So our goal is to have the entire series read by then, go see the movie, grab some grub, and discuss. I think we decided to meet over Easter weekend. But we have so many scheduling conflicts, who knows if that is the proper weekend.

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  1. yay! let's do it!! im loving this series a lot more than millenium (call me a young little kid who likes to live in a fantasy world)! shane and i have ~130 pages left or so! can't wait for the movie! :)