Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Christian Grey

Who would you cast to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?

Our votes:

Henry Cavill

Just the right age. And look a those gray pants and white shirt combo. Only two probs with the Brit, he is the new Superman and his hair is curly.

Ian Somerhalder

That is JBFed hair, if I've ever seen it. He definitely has bad-boy charm, maybe too much.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Did you see him on that one of episode of Weeds. He used a belt. This good old (maybe too old) boy doesn't have gray eyes, but he has CEO written all over him.

Mark Bomer

Those eyes could cause panties to drop all over the country. And that picture looks like he is sitting in his loft just waiting for Ana to get there to punish her.

Out of those four, who would you choose?

Who are your other suggestions?


  1. my vote is Henry Cavil! i think the fact that he's playing superman does rule him out, but i think besides that he'd be perfect (based on looks anyways). i like him b/c he's rather unknown . . . new character. it'd be hard to watch Zach Morris or the guy from Lost in this role.

    how about wentworth miller? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0589505/
    mmm . . yeah. kinda leaning towards him now . .

  2. I like Henry or Mark!! But I always though Christian had unruly kind-of curly hair anyway, so i thought his hair was perfect-o! Wrong color though, but easy fix. Probably won't get cast b/c of Superman.

  3. William Levy! He just needs to work on his accent.

  4. Ian. hands down.

  5. mmm. william levy would work for me too!

  6. Henry Cavill IS Christian Grey! He has the looks,the eyes,the body, that boyish smile, he can play seductive,domineering,playful & still have the look that we women would fall for by just looking into his eyes. He looks great in a suit & thanks to his role on _udors he has no problem with the steamy scenes! He can play all sides of Christian, even his painful submissive side. He has it all & the acting chops to pull it off. His Dunhill Black ads on you tube screams Fifty! His curly hair should not be a problem that can be changed. He can play sweet , loving & innocent & turn into domineering & seductive with no problem. Ian is good looking but he is just to bad boy & his look is a little more creepy than seductive to me & he is a little short & scrawny for what I think Christian is suppose to be. Henry might have Superman but they should be done filming by then & I hope they can work around his schedule & he chooses to do it if offered. Matt Bomer would be great but being that he is openly gay, I can't see him being the idea of every womans dream. I do also like Collin Eggelsfield but he seeo sweet guy next doorfor this role. Ian is the only one I can see playing this role. If he can't do it = would prefer Alexander Skarsgard who can play all sides as wellbut Henry is still my #1.

  7. Sorry I meant Henry is the only one I can see playing this role.

  8. Christian is suppose to be 27. I don't think Ian looks 27. He is 34 now but he doesn't look like he can play that young anymore. Collin Eggelsfield is 39 & he looks like he is 27. He apparently is aging quite well. Still Henry for me though!

  9. Replies
    1. HENRY CAVILL ALL THE WAY..........

  10. Henry Cavill!! yes!!

  11. Henry Cavill IS the only one to play Christian Grey. When I saw him I just new this is him. Please get him to do it. He will just be amazing. HENRY is my #1 choice.......

  12. 1st choice: Wentworth Miller. He would be the perfect Christian Grey. His acting is definitely up for the role and he would pull the role off incredibly. Bad boy/highly intelligent/man with a cause/sensitive = this role screams Went to me. (Have you seen Prison Break?!) And add to that his voice, and those eyes, oh my - PERFECT!! (I did mention that voice right? If given the role, he would definitely win over all women everywhere-I promise you!) He is older but can pull off 27 with no problems whatsoever. Though he is mostly seen with very short hair, when he grows it out some it does look curly so I think they'd have no problem getting the right look there.
    2nd choice: Ian Somerhalder. He too can do the bad boy/sensitive man role excellently and he absolutely can pull off 27. You really must look at his role on VD to see it, photos just don't do him justice. When I first saw him, it was photos of him being up for this part and I honestly didn't get it-but then I saw him on Vampire Diaries and it all became crystal clear! He has the look, the appeal, the ability, he too has exactly what the role needs.
    I have to say if they choose someone other than one of these 2 men, I'll be extremely disappointed. Not only are both of these men incredibly sexy (which this character HAS to be or will never work, we've all seen others where the book has a character who's looks are a very important part of who the character is and if they don't have that--they can be a fantastic actor but never sell the part), they would each bring something of their own to the table that would sell it beautifully.
    I think these books are already going to be difficult to make into movies to start with- with a rating that can be in theaters and given that, they need someone extraordinary to do it justice, and that would be Wentworth Miller!

  13. Henry Cavill for sure!! Perfect fit!!