Friday, July 20, 2012


My current read is The Great Gatsby. I can't remember if I've ever read it, so I am (re)reading.

I borrowed it from Penn State Behrend's library (actually looked up the call number and found it on the shelf).

I took it home last night and opened it. This addition was printed in 1953. Behrend only opened its doors in 1948. So this book has been on the library's shelf for all but five years of my alma mater's existence.

It's an incredible thought. Although the library's location has changed at least three times; this book has been here. The Berlin Wall came down; this book was here. Man walked on the moon; this book was here. I was born; this book was here. I went to school, graduated, and got hired here; this book was here.

This book has been thoroughly loved and has survived. I love the idea of all the students and alumni who have read this book before me! And while, I hope the story is good, the knowledge of all the hands that held it and all the eyes that stared, makes me smile.